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Ramadhan Workshops ages 2-3

The 2-3 yr old workshops have been off to a great start! All the kids are super enthusiastic to learn, sing rhymes and make some special crafts. We made a Ramadan mobile with a big moon and star on our first day. 

On our second day ( see pics) we talked about how good and bad deeds effect our heart. Good deeds make our heart soft like cotton and bad deeds make our heart rough like sand paper. In this picture the kids are showing off their fruit loop bracelets that they could snack on every time they did a good deed. Needless to say all the bracelets were eaten up by the time class was over!!! 

On our third workshop we talked about recycling and reusing. The kids loved watching a clip from YouTube that explained this. We are looking forward to our next couple of classes and watching these little ones explore, learn and grow this Ramadan.


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Healing powers of the 99 Names of Allah

Last weekend our workshops for the 4-9 age groups focused on 11 names of Allah that are associated with healing various parts of the body.  The children did various activities to learn and reinforce the names, their meanings and application in healing.

On Sunday, as a culminating activity and to reward them for learning 11 names in one short weekend, we played games like broken telephone (hearing:As-Samee), 

Pictureka (seeing:Al-Basiir) 

doctor doctor (4-6 year olds diagnosing and healing the baby) 

Operation (7-9 year olds carefully removing the ailment and correctly using the name of Allah to treat the area)
We also played Asma-ul-Husna Bingo, a penny dropping game with one eye closed to reinforce Al-Basiir and a blindfolded game to reinforce As-Samee.

Hopefully the children have been using the names at home when they have minor ailments of the body.  Here is the list of names we worked on and their meaning as well as corresponding body part for you to remind them at home and even us…

Laylatul Qadr 23rd Night

Tonight being such an auspicious night we had so many ideas for class that we ambitiously planned multiple activities.  Unfortunately time prevented us from completing more than one during majlis.  Fortunately, our second activity was directly tied to the aamaal so our 4-6 and 7-9 year olds got to have a second class!

Our first activity was related to Surah Ankabut (39) The Spider.  The 2-3 year olds made adorable spiders out of paper plates.  

The older children made spider webs complete with their own Itsy Bitsy Ankabut.

Our Aamaal activity was a Laylatul Qadr Aamaal Lap Book.  It included the translation of Sura Qadr, a mine version of Dua Makaramul Akhlaq, an Istaghfar chart, a hajaat wheel - which gives the steps to asking from Allah, a hajaat pocket with lists of who and what to pray for, and a Surah mini book with gives a few details about the 3 big surahs we recite on Laylatul Qadr.  This was a lovely project to give the kids some understanding about the Aamaals and what they…

Majalis 101

This Muharram, in addition to our regular workshop classes for 2-8 year olds, we started a new initiative for our 9-12 year old children. In an effort to get them ready to join the regular majalis sessions, we thought it necessary for them to go through a 'training' on how to listen to, reflect on and absorb a majalis before being thrown into it like many of us were.

Brother Mazaher Tejani has been kind enough to share his time and knowledge with our children and help prepare them for the many many majalis they will be exposed to in their lives.  His workshop promotes healthy discussion and conversations about azadari and the story of Imam Hussain and his journey to Karbala.  The children are in a safe space where they can ask questions that they may not be able to ask a maulana sitting on the mimbar in the middle of a majlis.

Inshallah these sessions will make this group of children better prepared to take in the messages delivered from the mimbar or any lecture in an e…