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Ramadhan Fun Fair

The first iftaar of the holy month, was followed by our first ever Ramadhan Fun Fair!  This was no hired carnival, Moms got creative and made DIY games like pin the dome on the masjid, minute to win it, ring toss, ball toss, masjid golf, car racing, spin the wheel Quran trivia and other amazing booths!  There was popcorn and cotton candy a fabulous photo booth with the most fabulous props as well as candy and prizes! Tattoos, and face painting that was not only fun for the kids but an artistic creation!  The surprise ice cream truck was a huge hit and to our estimation everyone had an amazing time! Thank you to all the moms who rallied and helped put this fair together for the children! 



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Pajama Story Time and Ramadhan Reflections

We had wonderful sessions for all of our children yesterday during workshop. The younger ones arrived ready for fun in their pajamas! The 2-3 year olds read a Ramadhan-themed story and created a luminous lantern craft. The 4-6 year olds read Welcome Ramadan (a GoodWord Kids book) and made lovely bookmarks. Thanks to Nasreen Dharsee-Dungersi and Shamim Ladak for leading those classes.

Those 7 years of age and older enjoyed an interactive discussion with Br. Mazaher Tejani. They focused on the importance of the Holy month of Ramadhan, with special emphasis on the revelation of the Quran, and the power of the Nights of Qadr. They discussed the meaning of Sura Qadr and then reflected on how the Quran may have been revealed. How did it get from Allah to Prophet Muhammad?  Did it come down verse by verse, or all at once?  Did it come to Prophet Muhammad’s heart or his mind?   They also discussed the power of the Grand Night, and calculated that the Night of Qadr is equ…

Moms Crafting Workshop

A few weeks prior to the start of Mahe Ramadhan, the SIJNY Moms had a crafting night just for them!  We made advent calendars (for our kids) to make the Ramadhan countdown to Eid that much more exciting!

The moms were very well behaved and worked very hard on their projects!  We chatted, snacked and discussed the future of the Moms Group!  We were excited to see so much enthusiasm from our moms to get involved and help with organizing and planning events!

The final product!  Secret compartments to open each day!  Can't wait to see the smiles on those little faces every day! 

Lessons in Karbala

Our 7-8 Year old class did an amazing job examining their own lives and how they live up to the lessons Karbala has taught us.