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Lessons in Karbala

Our 7-8 Year old class did an amazing job examining their own lives and how they live up to the lessons Karbala has taught us.

Zainab Lamented

The children worked so hard to learn this beautiful maatam that they recited in the ladies Majlis on Ashura Day. 

Be a super Friend!

Our topic tonight was Be a Super Friend.  We talked about Habib Ibn Mazaher being Imam Hussain's childhood friend and rushing to his side as soon as he was called.

The 2-3 class made adorable masks to remind them that being a good friend makes u a Super hero!

Our 4 year olds looked at the characteristics of a Super Friend and put them all together to make this fun craft.

Book Fair

Tonight the SIJNY Moms had their first ever Pre-Loved Book Fair!  Children donated books they'd already read and loved, then got to shop for new ones!  It was so nice to see the kids looking through the books to find their next read! Alhamdulillah we raised $635!  Thank you to all our donors, shoppers and librarians who kept everything nice and neat!

Majalis 101

This Muharram, in addition to our regular workshop classes for 2-8 year olds, we started a new initiative for our 9-12 year old children. In an effort to get them ready to join the regular majalis sessions, we thought it necessary for them to go through a 'training' on how to listen to, reflect on and absorb a majalis before being thrown into it like many of us were.

Brother Mazaher Tejani has been kind enough to share his time and knowledge with our children and help prepare them for the many many majalis they will be exposed to in their lives.  His workshop promotes healthy discussion and conversations about azadari and the story of Imam Hussain and his journey to Karbala.  The children are in a safe space where they can ask questions that they may not be able to ask a maulana sitting on the mimbar in the middle of a majlis.

Inshallah these sessions will make this group of children better prepared to take in the messages delivered from the mimbar or any lecture in an e…