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Kids Helping Kids!

Congratulations to our 8-10 year old workshop class for choosing, planning, and taking the first step towards their first independent fundraiser for underprivileged children.  
They raised over $300 on Sunday night for their worthy cause.  The money they collected will be used to buy toys and activities that will be sorted into goody bags to distribute to the children when they come to the soup kitchen.  In addition we will be able to send some bags to less fortunate Muslim children in NY. 
The children have been learning about the power of kindness during the month of Ramadhan and took it upon themselves to do something good for others. 
We are very proud of these children!  They may be your children, but they are also our children 😊

Noor Kids Special Workshop

On Saturday June 11 we had the pleasure of welcoming Br. Amin Aaser of Noor Kids Book into our center.  He conducted two presentations for our children. One for ages 2-7 and the second for ages 8-14.  

During the first session Amin told personal stories and engaged the children using his dynamic storytelling ability.  The kids laughed as they learned important lessons about being good Muslims.  

The second session was much deeper and using a very difficult time in his life he related to the children how stories from the Quran about the prophets, helped him gain hope, patience and a strong work ethic to bear the weight of his mothers illness.  The children were captivated by his rich storytelling and the passion with which he spoke of his mother and how much she meant to him.  

The ease with which he tied in the quranic stories was beautiful and showed the children how these stories from so long ago are still relevant to our daily lives and problems.  

His books are fantastically written a…