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Ashura 2015

Our culminating activity for the 10 nights, was the Karbala Model that the children put together using what they had learned about the tragedy.  The color coded tents and army figures showed the disparity between Yazid's huge army and Imam Hussain's small one. 

The children have started an annual tradition of sharing fatiha with the adults on Ashura Day, inspired by Imam Hussain and his generous nature.  This years gift was trail mix.  We hope our elders enjoyed them and the positive messages that were affixed to them.

Muharram 2015

By the grace of Allah our Muharram workshops went very well.  The topic for this Muharram was Ziyarat Ashura and it was looked at in different ways across the various age groups.   Sorry we don't have more pictures ... it was a busy few days of workshops.  Anyone want to volunteer to be our photographer???

The youngest children made crafts that taught them about Muharam and the symbols and traditions that surround these 10 nights. 

The older children read the Ziyarat in Arabic and English and dissected it line by line to understand why we read it. 

As part of the Who is Hussain effort we encouraged our kids to think about the positive messages from Karbala and how we can learn and grow from them.  We looked at the slogans from this worldwide campaign to educate the world about Imam Hussain and then had the children write their own!  Here's just a few of them.