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99 Name of Allah Project

Do you remember the first weekend of Ramadhan when I told you
The older kids were working on a 99 Names of Allah project? Well I finally have those pictures to share with you! I present to you our 99 Names of Allah tree!   Although we used all 99 names for this tree, our kids will only be learning about 24 names this Ramadhan.  They had fun using their artistic talents decorating leaves with colors, glitter and sequence! This beautiful display is available for viewing at the top of the stair on the ladies side.   Inshallah our kids will remember the names of Allah through the activities we are doing this month.

Laylatul Qadr 23rd Night

Tonight being such an auspicious night we had so many ideas for class that we ambitiously planned multiple activities.  Unfortunately time prevented us from completing more than one during majlis.  Fortunately, our second activity was directly tied to the aamaal so our 4-6 and 7-9 year olds got to have a second class!

Our first activity was related to Surah Ankabut (39) The Spider.  The 2-3 year olds made adorable spiders out of paper plates.  

The older children made spider webs complete with their own Itsy Bitsy Ankabut.

Our Aamaal activity was a Laylatul Qadr Aamaal Lap Book.  It included the translation of Sura Qadr, a mine version of Dua Makaramul Akhlaq, an Istaghfar chart, a hajaat wheel - which gives the steps to asking from Allah, a hajaat pocket with lists of who and what to pray for, and a Surah mini book with gives a few details about the 3 big surahs we recite on Laylatul Qadr.  This was a lovely project to give the kids some understanding about the Aamaals and what they…

Allah's Creations and Peace Around the World

Tonight the children did a wee bit of science in workshop.  All 3 groups planted kidney beans in a cup!  The goal here is to show them to concept if Al Khaliq the creator.   

The bean was set among wet paper towels and inshallah with enough care and sunlight the beans wil sprout!  
One of our 99 Names of Allah is As-Salam which means Peace and this has been a common theme in the duas the children have been doing during these aamaal nights.  We have been talking to them about the troubles in the world and the children who are suffering as a result and their empathetic hearts begged Allah for peace in the world to relieve these children from their plight.  
The children worked together to make a Peace around the world wreath.  They were each given a flag from a different country and they traced and cut out their hand.   The hands will be arranged on a wreath and inshallah be displayed with their 99 Names of Allah tree very soon.

ت Is for Timsah

As our youngest class continues their journey through the Arabic alphabet they have come to te letter ت.  They learned that ت is for Timsah which means crocodile and they made their own fun crocodiles!

21st Night

Tonight as we commemorate the wafaat of our first imam, Imam Ali (a.s) our children were busy preparing and thinking about the nights aamaals.

Our youngest class made tasbihs in preparation for their istaghfar during aamaal. Our older classes learned about the purpose of dua and aamaal and the significance of what we say to and ask from Allah. 
We talked about what kinds of things we should ask for and who we might pray for before we ask for our own wishes. 

The children thought about their sins and marked on their istaghfar chart all the little sins they wanted to ask forgiveness for.  Then they used their Ya Ghafoor erasers to erase their sins as they recited Astaghfirullah wa atoobu ilayh.  

We talked about what it means to repent and that not doing it again is a huge part of asking for forgiveness. 

The older class briefly went over the Munajaat of Imam Ali.  We discussed the first part and the protection we are seeking from Allah.  We also talked about the names of Allah and the …

Baa is for Batreek and Bismillah

While our 4-9 year olds learn the 99 Names of Allah our little ones have been busy learning their Arabic letters and words!

This weekend we worked on the second letter ب.  We learned that ب is for batreek (penguin) and Bismillah. 
The children made adorable little Batreeks!
The next day they made a sun reminding them when to say Bismillah.  

Besides their crafts the children have been enjoying story time, parachute games, bubbles and Islamic nursery rhymes.  Hopefully we'll get you some pictures of that next weekend.

Healing powers of the 99 Names of Allah

Last weekend our workshops for the 4-9 age groups focused on 11 names of Allah that are associated with healing various parts of the body.  The children did various activities to learn and reinforce the names, their meanings and application in healing.

On Sunday, as a culminating activity and to reward them for learning 11 names in one short weekend, we played games like broken telephone (hearing:As-Samee), 

Pictureka (seeing:Al-Basiir) 

doctor doctor (4-6 year olds diagnosing and healing the baby) 

Operation (7-9 year olds carefully removing the ailment and correctly using the name of Allah to treat the area)
We also played Asma-ul-Husna Bingo, a penny dropping game with one eye closed to reinforce Al-Basiir and a blindfolded game to reinforce As-Samee.

Hopefully the children have been using the names at home when they have minor ailments of the body.  Here is the list of names we worked on and their meaning as well as corresponding body part for you to remind them at home and even us…

Ramadhan Around the World

Technically this was not a SIJNY Moms event but we promoted it and many of our families participated in it so I'm throwing it up here! Besides our little ones looked so cute!!!

In it's second year, Ramadhan around the World invites each mother/child team to present the culture and food from a different Muslim country.  Our families really get into this after dinner event as you can see in the fun costumes and props!  

The spread of sweets and food at the end of this show was very impressive and many ladies who stayed behind to support the children's efforts got to try the tasty dishes from around the world.  

Our mothers work very hard to prepare the children for this event and to come up with and prepare a foreign dish!  Thank you for always putting the kids first and for taking the time to make events like this possible!

Yoga Night

Aside from the workshops, our SIJNY Moms Group organizes various other fun programs for our children.  Saturday nights Yoga sehri program with our very own Sakina Hajee was one such event.   Breathing We had a fantastic turnout and the kids loved moving their bodies into various poses ending with a journey into the jungle to revisit many animal poses.  

These little yogis were quick learners!!!
We hope to have many more sessions with Sakina as she was a fantastic instructor for these little yogis!  

Alif, Allah, Ahad, Asad, awesome!

Saturday our youngest group made little flower pots with flowers each with one of the words we have been talking about this weekend.  Alif, Asad, Ahad and of course Allah.  The pots turned out beautifully!  The design and materials for this activity were donated to us by one of our moms.  Jazakhallah.
In our older classrooms the children are working on a collaborative project to make a visual display of the 99 names of Allah ... Stay tuned for pictures of the final product!!!

Ramadhan Kareem

Our first weekend of Ramadhan workshops is off to a great start!  Alhamdulillah we have so many children and moms participating!  Our theme this year is the 99 names of Allah and we have chosen a few names to try and memorize this month.  
Our youngest class made adorable lions on Friday night tying together Alif, Allah, Asad (lion).
Our older classes focused on the names Allah, Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem with a fun button craft to spell Allah.

Look out for more highlights from our Ramadhan Workshops in the coming weeks!