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Bibi Zainab's Kushali

Tonight we celebrated the birth of our beloved Zainab. The children remembered her from the important role she played in Karbala. We discussed the importance of patience in Islam and how Bibi Zainab showed patience in her life.  The children were surprised to learn that patience is mentioned in the Quran 90 times!  (Did you know that?)
The children were taught an ayat that they can recite when they feel angry or frustrated.  Here it is in case they forgot 

rabbana afrigh AAalayna sabran
Our Lord pour down upon us patience. (Quran 2:250)

In honor of the granddaughter of the prophet, the children made beautiful tissue paper flowers and some wrote a personal note for Bibi Zainab.

No birthday celebration is complete without cupcakes!  Especially yummy, buttery, English cupcakes which the children got to decorate themselves with colored icing and candies!
Our festivities ended with balloons and glow bracelets for all!