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Who Is Hussain Collaboration

This Muharram we had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate on a project with the Who Is Hussain organization.  A large group of volunteers had teamed up with a shelter in NYC armed with care packages and a smile for the homeless.

SIJNY Mom's and kids helped by making 700 cards for these care packages with a message from Imam Hussain and a little message of friendship from the kids.  Some families also stayed late into the night preparing the care packages by stripping and re-labelling water bottles and filling bags with fruit, snacks, water and a card.

The children were so proud of their contribution to this worthy event and even though the younger children were not able to go into the city the following morning they felt so good knowing that their hard work was going to help someone in need.

We thank the Who Is Hussain organizers for allowing us to take part in this event and look forward to many future collaborations and opportunities to teach our children about this integral …